• Mary Jane (MJ)

    Mary Jane (MJ)

    #cannabis review app.mjmaryjane.com 🍁

  • Nattu


    Explorer, photographer by passion from the islands of Maldives. Product Designer @mindvalley . Co-founded @lottiefiles. Formerly @ServisHero, @socarmalaysia

  • Zeth


    Iværsætter / Entrepreneur - founder at Woomio - http://woomio.com

  • Kim Balle

    Kim Balle

    CEO of Global Startup Awards & DROBE. Co-Founder of IoTPeople — Writing about video strategy/communication/production, regional startup ecosystems and IoT.

  • Harprit Singh

    Harprit Singh

    Tech-obsessed startup and entrepreneur fan. Studying E-Business at Copenhagen Business School.

  • David Kofoed Wind

    David Kofoed Wind

    CEO of Peergrade and PhD in Machine Learning

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