How to get scammed when you sell things online (UPDATED)

Here’s their approach:

On a Danish market place called
I’m already getting ahead of myself with the questions here, because I know it’s a scam 😂
Had to set a ridiculous price to see if they would buy..
Usually they “support” fake PayPal emails too, but not in this case 🤷‍♂️
I sent him a bunch of random information

FUN FACT! It’s the second time this address is showing up, out of four scammers so far. Let me type it out so it shows up in search results online..


But what do they get from this?!



The last name is even Hyde David, like the other address is for a David Hyde 😂

Screenshots that didn’t make the cut:

Another scam, using the same address but “supporting” fake PayPal emails
Me trying to teach them how to make fake emails.. probably shouldn’t..
Your husband is from Aalborg, so that’s why you want a “Danish camera”?
My Photoshopped box for the scammer
The scammers “proof” that he’s in the bank
My “proof” that I’m in the post office
Freeeeedom, love, and free camera gear!



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