The greatest office view in the world — 36,000 feet above the ground

Cruising altitude | 70D, 10mm Fisheye lens, 1/13, F2.8, ISO 6400

The background story


Walking to the gate | X100F, 1/220, F2.8, ISO 3200
Boing 737–800 in Copenhagen Airport | X100F, 1/30, F2.0, ISO3200
Deicing before flight | X100F, 1/300, F2.0, ISO3200
Parking brake on | X100F, 1/25, F2.0, ISO6400
Ready for take off | X100F, 1/30, F2.0, ISO3200

Cleared for takeoff!

Take off! | X100F, 1/90, F2.0, ISO3200
Climbing to cruise altitude | X100F, 1/1000, F2.8, ISO200

The wait

Lunch is ready | X100F, 1/220, F2.8, ISO3200
Cruising | X100F, 1/240, F2.8, ISO100
The view | X100F, 1/750, F8.0, ISO200

Approaching the destination

Fuerteventura approach | X100F, 1/450, F4.0, ISO200
Almost there | X100F, 1/320, F8.0, ISO250
Refueling | X100F, 1/1250, F2.8, ISO200
Preparing to go home! | X100F, 1/320, F8.0, ISO640

Going home

Visibility = None| X100F, 1/40, F2.0, ISO12800
Landing in Copenhagen | X100F, 1/90, F2.0, ISO640
Taxi to gate | X100F, 1/100, F2.0, ISO12800

Something extra for the photo nerds

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